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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Home Coffee Grinder Reviews - By Callum Parsons

Home Coffee Grinder Reviews - By Callum Parsons

I’ve had the pleasure of playing with and comparing this home grinder line up for a number of weeks. I must confess, I have owned a Wilfa Uniform+ for almost a year and it's been a strong ally for home brewing and taking on the road for tastings. Aside from this, I’ve always had a Hario hand grinder for my personal travels.

We do supply Wilfa and Hario at Fire & Flow, but the companies ask me to write reviews of their products as they know I will tell it how it is, hence, I will attack these reviews with fresh eyes and no bias towards all options.

I have taken each grinder through every method of brewing that it was designed to grind for. Using Fire & Flow Aurora coffee and the same recipe for each brew method allowed me to keep full control over brew quality during the weeks of testing. I’ve used the Wilfa Svart preset grind sizes as my scale for grind size across all the grinders to keep a fair test.

Let's start at the top of the range and work our way down shall we?

Coffee Grinder reviews:

To keep things easier, we broke the reviews into 3 individual posts below. Access them by clicking on the image or title.

Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder Review
Wilfa Silver Coffee Grinder
Hario Mini Mill Plus Coffee Grinder
Wilfa Uniform+ (and Uniform) Wilfa Silver Grinder


What would I buy?

As someone who doesn’t brew espresso at home, I would have to say the Wilfa Silver Grinder with a set of 0.1g scales with a timer is a set up that's going to be pretty tough to beat in terms of quality and financial investment. It's incredibly user friendly, quick and the coffee quality it can help produce is pretty much top level. A seasoned barista who is looking to brew more at home, or someone who is getting their feet wet in the coffee world and wants to bypass hand grinding would need to look no further.

If you’re looking for a grinder that caters for all your needs at home and you own an espresso machine, get a Uniform and buy a set of 0.1g accurate scales with built in timers!

Happy brewing :)



Callum Parsons

Callum Parsons is an award-winning coffee enthusiast and founder of Fire & Flow Coffee Roasters.

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